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Feedback and comments about Kataklizmic Design, Katherine Amy Vega, and Burning Hot Events.

"QUALITY. Next to client satisfaction, what I value most in my work is quality. When it comes to my arts, just "good enough" is not good enough. I place a high importance on communication and timeliness. First and foremost, I explore what the client is looking for and set expectations. Then, I ensure the project meets all of these, while adding my professional expertise and perfectionist touch! I love to work with those that appreciate, understand, and share a qualitative mindset! Each project is a conception that I will treat sincerely, with respect, and nurture from start to finish."

~ Katherine Amy Vega - Owner, Manager, & Media Artist

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Quality Assurance Engineering

Katelyn ArenasKatelyn Arenas (Software Engineer III, Bitly)

LinkedIn Recommendation

"Katherine’s insane attention to detail as a QA has saved many projects and millions of users from having a bad experience. She was the perfect first hire as a contract tester and it’s no surprise that she was asked to come on full time as a QA Engineer. She needs little to no direction and is an incredibly fast learner. She can take a brand new project with little information and turn out a comprehensive list of defects, UX suggestions and detailed test cases. She’s unafraid of asking questions and will find a way to get the information she needs. She always goes the extra mile and you can tell she really cares about her projects. Her experience as a Front End engineer also gives her a leg up when it comes to testing. 10/10 would hire and work with Katherine again and again."

- July 21, 2021

Graphic Design - Re-creation, Cleanup, Update

Gayle NicholsonGayle Nicholson (Host/Producer, Corona Spotlight 2020 & Corona Spotlight at Night)

Facebook Review

Rate 5/5

"Excellent turn around, great quality of work, and Kat was able to produce exactly what I needed in a very short notice situation, for an extremely reasonable price.

I would definitely recommend Kataklizmic Design for anyone needing high quality graphics work."

She went on to say in another Facebook post: " I love having quality focused professionals at my fingertips to help me out when I can't do it myself.

Kat was able to take my prior graphic, recreate it FROM SCRATCH because I forgot to save a copy with layers, and update all the important bits, getting it back to me in under 2 hours.

She also cleaned up a couple of component graphics and gave me those improvements with the rest of the files.

I cannot gush enough about her over the top professionalism, quality and talent. Take a look at the attached reviews page. Need headshots? She's an incredible photographer too.

- April 2020

Video Production

Will BloodworthWill Bloodworth, Twitch Streamer

Facebook Review

Rate 5/5

"I came to Ms. Vega with a rather specific vision for a video project I needed to have created for a niche audience. After giving her a few key details about what I was looking for, she picked up on my vision and ran with it, almost as if she could see what I was imagining. Working to fill in some remaining details throughout the project was easy, as Ms. Vega is incredibly approachable and communicative. When I left out details, she competently and effectively adapted.

The completed product was exactly what I wanted. It is apparent that Ms. Vega is a total expert, drawing from and switching on her skill set, she executed the project flawlessly. I hear “perfect is the enemy of complete” often - somehow, she managed to achieve both, and did so on a relatively short and demanding timetable. I’ve seen projects of this kind worked on by entire teams of professionals, and fell short of the standard Ms. Vega set.

Because I will have similar needs in the future, and because of how utterly impressed I was with her work the first time, I am 100% certain to be hiring Ms. Vega for more projects. I will also be fully recommending her services to anyone in need of them."

- July 16, 2019


Nick KirschmanNick Kirschman, REALTOR®

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

"I have hired Katherine multiple times for my business over the past few years and recommend her to colleagues. I'm always impressed with the high quality work and the professional, timely communication and scheduling. Our last session produced professional headshots that I'm very happy with, and would feel confident hiring Katherine for any personal or business events in the future. Thanks again! "

- February 2019

Production Assistant - Jib Assistant (Freelance)

Kyle AshtonMike Brown (Owner, Jib Operator - The Human Jib)

FIFA 2018 Real-Life Skill Games

Staff Me Up Recommendation

"Katherine is an incredible person to work with. Always positive, on task, and professional. For this show in particular, she seemed to be ready for anything the wind threw at us (literally). Even in inclement weather, she kept safety as her top priority, and she always had a sense of urgency in her step. Her communication skills are excellent, and her competency and willingness to learn new things added to the overall great experience that the client had with the crew. I'm definitely looking forward to working more with Katherine in the future."

- March 2018

Production Assistant (Freelance)

Kyle AshtonKyle Ashton (Production Coordinator - The Voice)

Staff Me Up Recommendation

"Katherine worked with us on The Voice auditions when we were in Phoenix. She was a great addition to our crew. Any task we gave her, she handled in a timely manner. I would recommend hiring Katherine to join your production if you are in the Phoenix area."

- February 2018

Concert Photography

Robert Trop (Guitarist) - Beach Viper (Band)

Rate 5/5

"Katherine of Kataklizmic Design did an outstanding job of capturing the essence of the high-energy hard rock band I play in. Like any great artist, she has the innate instinct for capturing the right picture at the right moment. Aside from her artistic excellence, she is affable, easy to deal with, professional, organized, and prompt. I recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for a pro photographer to properly capture terrific images from a concert performance or any other setting."

- January 2018

Concert Photography

Todd Hoover - The Invisible Teal (Band)

Rate 5/5

"Katherine's services are exceptional and absolutely worth the money."

- December 2017

Concert Photography

Michael Kravitz (Drummer) for Dennis Miccolis, Founding Member of The Buckinghams (Band)

Rate 10/10

"I'd give it a 20 if the numbers went that high. Professional, prompt, and very talented. The BEST!!! Thank you."

- November 2017

"...Katherine, You never cease to amaze me, your work is unbelievable. I am so impressed by your talent. I came to know you through two other photographers not being available. G-d has always blessed me by giving me the best through all circumstances."

- December 2017

Portrait Photography - Promo Photos for Press Kit (EPK)

Emric (Musician)

"It was seriously way more enjoyable than I ever thought that could be!...Thanks for the amazing work!! You were the one for me!"

Rate 10/10

"Talented professional with great communication skills and easy to work with! Everything you could possibly want in a person and photographer."

- November 2017

Concert Photography

Evanescence (band) Publicity Representative

"WOW! Seriously amazing photos Katherine! I'm going to share with their team…"

- October 2017

Publication Management & Concert Photography

Katelyn ArenasEmily Rudolph (Music Journalist, Burning Hot Events)

LinkedIn Recommendation

"Katherine Vega is an entrepreneur and owner of Kataklizmic Design and BurningHotEvents.com, a publication offering top quality concert photography paired with concert reviews and complete band branding suites. Working with Katherine has been both a fantastic learning experience and a thrilling freelance opportunity. While working as a music journalist with Burning Hot Events, I witnessed rapid progression and expansion within the brand. Katherine has always remained open to new opportunities that will push the BHE team forward.

In addition to managing the publication, Katherine also created and manages a Patreon which has mirrored the brand’s growth in recent months, provided income among the publication’s members and covered costs of travels for concert reviews as well as special events. The quality of work put out by the publication combined with promising relationships evolving in the local industry are inspiring, to say the least.

It has been so wonderful to be a part of such a polished, team-driven, freelance-fueled publication. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have learned from Katherine while expanding my knowledge in a range of areas. Our ability to collaborate and communicate on acute details is now nearly effortless which makes the enthusiasm for our work that much stronger. Katherine is well-organized, innovative, resourceful and extremely talented. Her perfectionism and artistic eye have truly earned her the reputation of Phoenix’s best concert photographer."

- March 4, 2017

Concert Photography with Concert Review for BurningHotEvents.com

Management, Ben Folds (Musician)

"wow. incredible photos and kind words. thank YOU!"

- September 2017

Loren Israel (Songwriting Teacher, Record Producer and A&R Consultant - Capitol Records)

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