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Promotional Videos

Crowdfunding Promotion Video

Kataklizmic Design can help you with your promo video; whether it's an audiovisual welcome to your website, an appeal to the audience of your crowdfunding campaign (like Kickstarter or Indiegogo), an ad for your upcoming event, a piece of your electronic press kit, or other advertisements.

With custom video services, the cost depends on the scope of the project. How long will the video be? Will the location or talent need to be factored in? How much staff do we need?

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Concert Video and Audio Services

Contact Kataklizmic Design on Facebook, or call 480.331.5288 if you'd like to schedule a consultation. The following pricing are standard services, and we offer customized plans.

Live Music Video

High definition videos are 1080p. A "gig" generally constitutes a 30-45 minute set.

Related Services

Concert / Event Photography
Bundle photos + videos for a gig.
Ask about our discounts for purchase of multiple services!

Kataklizmic Design offers standard full service media packages for musicians! Check out Band Identity!

Stay tuned for the launch of Band Identity Service Packages!

$20/Song : Raw Gig Videos

  • Un-edited HD footage from 1 camera
  • Un-edited stereo sound recorded with the camera
  • Download, DVD-R, or Flash Drive

$50/Song : Raw Gig Videos
with Pro Sound

  • Un-edited HD footage, 1 Camera*
  • Professional Audio Recording**
  • Download, DVD-R, or Flash Drive

$75/Song : Raw Gig Videos with
Pro Sound - 2 Cameras

  • Un-edited HD footage, 2 Cameras
  • Professional Audio Recording**
  • Digital delivery: Download, DVD-R, or Flash Drive

$600 : Fully Produced EPK Video
- 1 Song, 2 Cameras

  • Edited HD footage, 2 Cameras*
  • Professional Audio Tecording**
  • Download, DVD-R, or Flash Drive

$150/Song: Fully Produced Gig Videos
- 1 Camera

  • Edited HD footage, 1 Camera*
  • Professional Audio Recording**
  • Download, DVD-R, or Flash Drive

$250/Song : Fully Produced Gig Videos - 2 Cameras

  • Edited HD footage, 2 cameras*
  • Professional Audio Recording**
  • Download, DVD-R, or Flash Drive

* Video editing may include titles/credits, color correction, stabilization, transitions,
cuts (for footage from 2 or more cameras), & zooms. Contact Kataklizmic Design with any quesitons.
2 cameras and professional audio require 3 of our staff members.
Prices are negotiable if client's footage from other cameras of comparable quality can be provided; however, it is highly recommended we choose the 2nd videographer for quality assurance.
Custom quotes may be provided for 3+ cameras as well.

** The method of professional audio recording will depend on options available at the venue. We can record stereo from stereo XLR channels, from HD stereo field recorder microphones, or preferrably we can setup 4-channel. Additional fees for multi-track to record each instrument separately.


"Kat is great to work with! Vial Of Sound commissioned Kataklizmic Design to shoot video of our live performance and she did a great job. My vision was to have our visuals the focus of the video and she kept that in mind the whole time. It's frustrating to work with some people because they ignore what you want, but Kat wants to make sure that if you hire her, you will be pleased with the product. Kat actually gave us a product that was better than what we were expecting. The sound quality was great because we used an external device rather that just the camera on the microphone which makes the live sound not of great quality. She also took pictures at our release show, and they were of great quality as well. I feel more than comfortable recommending Kataklizmic Design for any video and photography needs you have!"
- Josh Gooday,
Vial of Sound

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Local Artists

Arizona Local Bands

ATTN: Phoenix, AZ Artists! Do you need more exposure?

Event photography, promotional portraits, or HD video coverage available at a reasonable rate as an exchange of support between local artists - you and I! I can help you convey a legit image with quality media. Additionally, I will share my media with Kataklizmic Design's large social media audience, including fans of local arts and nationally acclaimed artists. Contact me and mention this ad for a special deal!

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