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The Beginning and Growth of
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(This is the story of our publication and team development. View team member bios here: Team Kataklizmic)

Debbie Malone and Katherine Amy Vega
Debbie & Katherine

Katherine Amy Vega & Debbie Malone

The online publication Burning Hot Events was founded by Katherine Amy Vega - Owner, Manager, and Media Artist of Kataklizmic Design. Katherine is a multimedia artist & a top concert photographer in Phoenix, with about 15 years of music photography experience.

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She partnered with former design team co-worker and professional copywriter, Debbie Malone, who became the first music journalist for the online publication. With the combination of their expertise and high standard of work, they were an instantaneous power-duo the first time they covered a concert together!

Together, Debbie and Katherine published 12 reviews, including the following artists: Say Anything, Violent Femmes, 9 ELECTRIC, Butcher Babies, Lacuna Coil, The Rocket Summer, Jane N' the Jungle, Haley Reinhart, Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Marilyn Manson, Blink-182, & Garbage.

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It is natural for us to grow different directions - especially promising, talented, and driven individuals! Debbie is continuing education and advancing her career and no longer available to actively serve as a journalist on the team as of early 2017. However, she may occasionally review and edit for us in the future! She returned to review the Garbage concert in October 2018. We will always be EXTREMELY grateful for her support, collaboration, skills, brains, dependability, time, and friendship. It was because of her willingness to get involved with a brand new project that Burning Hot Events got off the ground.

Katherine serves as Manager, Lead Concert Photographer, and Chief Editor for Burning Hot Events. Artists photographed are too many to name — you can scroll through all of the albums here. Her portfolio includes the likes of: P!nk, Taylor Swift, Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling, Marilyn Manson, Jimmy Eat World, Goo Goo Dolls, Blink-182, Amanda Palmer, Death Cab for Cutie, Coheed and Cambria, The Piano Guys, Violent Femmes, and many more.

On rare occasions, Katherine writes reviews for shows, but prefers to leave the writing to the experts and focus on her biggest passion — concert photography. Some artists she has written about in addition to photographing are: Jim Adkins, Rooney, Brand New, The Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling, Unagi Usagi, Think About It, Dadadoh, The Movielife & The Early November, Greg Holdern & Butch Walker, A Perfect Circle, The Faim, and more.

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Emily Rudolph and Katherine Amy Vega
Emily & Katherine

Emily Rudolph

In October 2016, Emily Rudolph was recruited to help increase show coverage and alleviate some work from Debbie. She was promoted to Editor in March 2017. Emily has covered CHVRCHES, Zombie Prom (Jimmy Eat World & Good Charlotte), The Sounds, Dashboard Confessional, Infected Mushroom, Nothing More, In This Moment, Judas Priest, Otep, Def Leppard, Journey, and Justin Courtney Pierre. Due to relocation to San Francisco, Emily is no longer an active member of the team. We wish her the best of luck on her new journey!

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"This is so exciting! I have been a part of a good amount of different creative business startups, but I feel like in the short time I've been working with you I have seen so much more progression than with most startups. It's inspiring!!"

Katherine Amy Vega and Rollie Rathburn
Katherine & Rollie

Rollie Rathburn

Concert junkie Rollie Rathburn, also a former co-worker and professional writer, first worked with Burning Hot Events in April 2016 when he wrote an album review for Say Anything. He unexpectedly returned nearly a year later in February 2017, right when we really needed him because Debbie and Emily were planning on departing from the team to pursue their dreams. Rollie (on hiatus), reviewed the AFI, VivaPHX, Graf Orlock, Denzel Curry, Yellowcard, Sleigh Bells, and Underoath concerts for Burning Hot Events.

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Katherine Amy Vega and e Sie Silverman
Katherine & Katie

Katie Silverman & Nick Gonzaga

In March 2017, Katie Silverman and Nick Gonzaga were referred to BHE as potential journalists by Emily. Being more green in their professional writing experience, it was exciting to become a facilitator for them to pursue their dreams; and they were equally excited for such a cool opportunity to review concerts!

Katie is still an active team member and has covered Bayside, Michelle Branch, Halestorm, Evanescence, P!nk, Spice Girls Night (themed nightlife event), & Goo Goo Dolls.

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Nick covered Quantum Colossus, A Perfect Circle, Jimmy Eat World, & Incubus. After going on hiatus for about a year to focus on launching his radio show, Nick rejoined the team with a review of Apache Lake Music Festival 2018.
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Katherine Amy Vega and Nick Gonzaga
Katherine & Nick

Jim Hesterman

Jim Hesterman is a widely renowned fashion photographer in Phoenix, as well as a videographer. Jim and Katherine have known each other for many years, due to the fact that Jim is a photographer AND a drummer for a local punk band, AND they worked together at the same tech company. He has an extremely high standard of quality of work and is very passionate about music, so naturally it was desirable for him to be on the team. Jim focuses on promo portraits and video interviews for Burning Hot Events. He has photographed EPK portraits for Post Animal, and took the primary footage for our interview with The Maine.

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Jim Hesterman, Katherine Amy Vega, and Mckayla Hull
Jim, Katherine, & Mckayla

Mckayla Hull

Journalism student Mckayla Hull met Katherine at the 2016 Music Industry Expo by Green Kite Records. At the time, they'd discussed working together; but it wasn't until Mckayla followed up 4 months later (March) that they started making that happen. Mckayla brings a background in writing & interviewing, the music industry, and marketing to the team; and it's very exciting what potential she has in store! She interviewed Post Animal - later reviewing their concert when they rolled into town. She also interviewed MRCH & reviewed their concert. She has reviewed The 1975, the band Phoenix, Dreamers, The Wrecks, & New Politics. Mckayla did our first video interview with the band The Maine, and reviewed their concert following the interview! She interviewed Australian band The Faim via e-mail. Due to the pursuit of higher education in journalism, Mckayla has been on hiatus from the team since March 2018.

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Steven Kain

At the same time the 3 new journalists joined the team, Tucson-based concert photographer Steven Kain also joined in! It was really exciting to find someone in Tucson that Katherine respected the quality of work of. Being a concert photographer herself, she is highly critical, and therefore was apprehensive to have other concert photographers on on board. Steven really fit the bill with crisp shots, action/emoting shots, and colorful images! So now Burning Hot Events was able to start spreading into Tucson! This is how we truly make BHE about ARIZONA, and not only Phoenix! He's contributed photo albums of Tribulance, Dope, Combichrist, September Mourning, Davey Suicide, Sons of Providence, Swindy, and Conor Oberst. Steven is currently on hiatus, as he has relocated out of state.

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London Snow and Katherine Amy Vega
London & Katherine

London Snow

London Snow joined the team when she made a connection with Katherine in the workplace when Katherine began a contract job as a front-end web developer. Being in I.T., London helped Katherine get her new computer all set up when she started the position. London's interest was sparked when she noticed Katherine holding a coffee tumbler shaped like a Nikon lens. Being a fantastic photographer herself, with an interest specifically in burlesque photography, she showed great interest in Katherine's work. London and Katherine were besties almost instantly! Impressed by London's quality of work and recognizing her can-do attitude, willingness to assist, and efficiency, Katherine invited London to join the team! It wasn't long afterward that London was able to run a smooth operation with Katherine and operate a photo booth for an Industrial/Fetish concert and burlesque show called SINister (by Jonah Foree of Ikonoklast, HARDWIRE, and Goth Brooks). We are eager for new opportunities to work together again!

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Brittney Coon and Katherine Amy Vega
Brittney & Katherine

Brittney Coon

Brittney joined our team in October 2017, when recruiting closed for new photographers and it became clear we needed more journalists to match that. She applied in response to a job posting, and she really stood out. Brittney is an author with many published books, and she works for a concert venue, so she was an obvious choice. So far she has reviewed Thrice, Circa Survive, Nightwish, Taylor Swift, Scorpions, and Queensryche.

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Katherine Amy Vega and Sean Tingle
Katherine & Sean

Sean Tingle

Sean met Katherine in Japanese language lessons in 2012. Sean, an English Professor at a university, was studying in order to teach English in Japan. It was uncertain whether the two would keep any contact afterward. Thanks to the magic of social media, not only did their connection remain, but they grew to be best friends! Through years of proven communication, work ethic, and music sharing, things progressed to a time that it became obvious to both of them that Sean was a natural fit for the team. He was added to the team in September 2017. Sean has reviewed Beth Hart, Marina V, Dia De Los ALT festival (featuring Bleachers, Bishop Briggs, New Politics, Sir Sly, Tangerine, Rival Coast), Bonobo, Mutemath, Portugal The Man, Miss Krystle (EP), Lights, & Poppy.

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Diana Stevens and Katherine Amy Vega
Diana & Katherine

Diana Stevens

September 2017 was a big month for new recruits for the team. Another best friend and educator, Diana, joined the team as a journalist that month. Her character had also been proven over the years, starting from when they met at a cultural event in 2009. Knowing her background as an educator, creative accolades, and quality of work, she was another natural choice. Diana has reviewed Lacuna Coil, Epica, Ben Folds, Arch Enemy, Trivium, Lindsey Stirling, Charly Bliss, & Death Cab for Cutie. Diana is currently on hiatus due to limited time.

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Clarice Wziatek and Katherine Amy Vega
Clarice & Katherine

Clarice Wziatek

Clarice is another long-time vetted friend of Katherine's. She and Katherine met many years ago in line for a Dresden Dolls concert. Katherine didn't know Clarice had professional journalism experience until Clarice came to her after seeing posts about the team for Burning Hot Events! She also happened to be an old friend of Sean's! Clarice has reviewed Stabbing Westward with Swindy, Amnestic, There is No Us, & Paranova; Lita Ford, & Dorothy. Clarice took hiatus until at least January 2018 to focus on her wedding and more!

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Katherine Amy Vega and Mark Greenawalt
Katherine & Mark

Mark Greenawalt

Mark applied to join the team in September 2017 as well! Mark is a very "gifted" multi-talented artist, and he comes with a high standard of work. In addition to suberb quality of photography, he is an excellent musician, fantasy illustrator, journalist, body painter, and has been involved in many film productions. He was a clear choice when he photographed Halestorm as his first gig for us. Since then, he's also photographed Lita Ford, Judas Priest, Dorothy, Scorpions, Queensryche, Def Leppard, Journey, Minus the Bear, and Styx; and he's done double-duty as both photographer and journalist for Miss Krystle and Shania Twain, and he reviewed Tech N9ne.

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Russ Broty and Katherine Amy Vega
Russ & Katherine

Russ Broty

Russ and Katherine met through the Phoenix local music and arts scenes, which blend together so much, it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where! He applied to join the team in September 2017 when Katherine made a job posting for additional photographers in order to increase coverage for Burning Hot Events. For Burning Hot Events, he has photographed Racquet Club, The Early November, The Movielife, Swindy, Amnestic, There Is No Us, Paranova, Stabbing Westward, Ikonoklast, 80*D, Goth Brooks, Camel Enamel, and Family Secret. Russ has moved to a different area of Arizona, and has retired from photography.

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Dale Hurt

In response to a job posting in September 2017, Dale applied to work as a concert photographer for Burning Hot Events. His enthusiasm for concert photography and new experiences was clear during his interview. Dale has experience photographing high-speed subjects such as race cars and speedboats, so it is exciting to see what kind of action shots he will get with his quick-draw! Dale has photographed MRCH, Trivium, Arch Enemy, While She Sleeps, & Fit for an Autopsy for Burning Hot Events. Dale is currently on hiatus due to limited time.

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Rodrigo Izquierdo

The last September '17 photographer recruit was Rodrigo, and he's quite a character. His personability and eagerness shine, and he has been generous enough to share his equipment with team members when needed. We have an on-running joke that he is cursed, because it took some time for us to get any of his assignments approved. His first that finally came through was for Black Label Society, Corrosion Of Conformity, & EyeHateGod; and he did not disappoint! He has since photographed The Melvins, HOLY FAWN, Vasuveda, Covet, Valley Queen, Justin Townes Earle, Social Distortion, Garbage, Underoath, Dance Gavin Dance, and Puddles Pity Party.

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Andrea Stoica and Katherine Amy Vega
Andrea & Katherine

Andrea Stoica

Andrea's first assignment was Nightwish, and then she photographed Tech N9ne for us. She also assisted and shot behind-the-scenes footage for Katherine's EPK photoshoot with Beach Viper! She and Katherine met when they were both photographing Vance Joy, Elle King, and Jaime Lawson in March 2016... One month before this Burning Hot Events was launched!

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Desirée Izquierdo

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Brianne Dunn

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Brandon Biallas

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Will Bloodworth

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